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Ebook is complete! I’ll be emailing copies of the pdf to everyone who donated in the next few days! Thanks for your patience! The book is available for purchase from the Google Play store and in the iBookstore.

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb, sgomitare, which means to elbow (one’s way).  See the verb used below in its context:

Ieri alla posta c’era una confusione incredibile. Ho dovuto perfino sgomitare per andare a prendere il numero con il turno. La gente sembrava di sasso e non si muoveva di un millimetro.

Yesterday, at the post office, there was an unbelievable mess.  I even had to elbow my way in order to go to get the number for my turn.  People seemed to be made of stone, and they wouldn’t move a millimeter.

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Ebook Update

: The ebook is finished! Pdf copies will be going out to everyone who donated! Remember, if you donated, please consider the Google Books/Google Play version. If you donated and have a Gmail/Google account, please email me your Google/Gmail account(info@paroladelgiorno.com), and I will give you access.

: Kindle/Nook version still in progress…

: Details on purchasing paperback copies will be available in the coming days! I know many of you have expressed interest in this version instead of a pdf, but it doesn’t look like that I will be able to give away free copies of the book. The cost of producing the book with no markup varies between $12-19, depending on the kind of paper, binding, etc not to mention shipping costs.

: There are no more codes for the iPad/Mac version. The last of the codes were given out almost two weeks ago. I’m going to list the book for free for a day or two once the update is complete so this should allow anyone interested in this version to snap it up at no additional cost!


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Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb, azzerare, which can mean to reset (to zero).  See the verb used below in its context:

Ieri quando sono entrato nel mio blog mi sono reso conto che il contatore delle visite era stato azzerato.  Non capisco come sia potuto succedere.

Yesterday when I entered my blog I realized that the visitor’s counter had been reset to zero.  I don’t understand how it could have happened.

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prendere qualcuno per i fondelli

Check out our ebook in the Google Play Store!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb expression, prendere qualcuno per i fondelli, which means to make a fool of someone or to make fun of someone.  See the expression used below in its context:

Quest’anno non voterò per nessun politico, sono stanco delle loro bugie, e non ho intenzione di farmi prendere per i fondelli da nessuno di loro solo per ottenere il mio voto con promesse che poi non manterranno.

This year I will not vote any politican, I am tired of their lies, and I have no intention to allow myself to be made a fool of by any of them only to get my vote with promises that then won’t keep.

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: you can also say prendere in giro or, if you want to be more colloquial, you can use the more vulgar expression, prendere per il culo


: I’ve removed the DRM from the Google Play edition so now you can download the pdf directly to your computer without the need for Adobe Digital Editions. I’ll leave the DRM off until the book is complete and then for some time afterward. Remember that the book is not yet complete. The book will be done this week: the last chapter is being edited and checked as we speak!

: Kindle and Nook version is in process, but it will be a week or two before it will be ready. I’ll post an update once it nears completion.

: We’ll also be publishing a series of books called “PdG Short Guides” before the end of the year: our first one will be on the subjunctive!

: Thanks again for everyone’s patience!

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Volere è potere

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression, Volere è potere, which means Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  See the expression used below in its context:

Paolo: Anna, mi sento demoralizzato.  A scuole le cose non vanno molto bene, non credo di riuscire a superare l’anno scolastico.

Paolo: Anna, I feel demoralized. Things are not going very well at school, and I don’t believe I can pass the academic year.

Anna: Ma che dici Paolo, se ti impegni da ora puoi ancora farcela ad essere promosso, magari ti porti qualche debito ma verrai promosso.

Anna: But what are you saying, Paolo, if you apply yourself now on you can still manage to be promoted, perhaps you bring some obligations with you, but you will be promoted.

Paolo: Non so, la vedo nera al momento.

Paolo: I don’t know, I only see the negative at the moment.

Anna: Dai, Paolo, non buttarti giù, volere è potere!

Anna: Come on, Paolo, don’t get yourself down, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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mettersi sui libri

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb expression, mettersi sui libri, which means to hit the books. See the expression used below:

Che palle! Ho un esame lunedì e devo studiare molto! Mi metterò sui libri tutto il week end per prepararmi per quest’esame di filosofia.

Damn! I have an exam on Monday and have to study a lot! I will hit the books all weekend in order to prepare myself for this philosophy exam.

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Ebook Update And Other News:

: I’m still contacting everyone so please be patient! If I haven’t responded yet to your email, I will get to it. I have received a lot of email in the last few days. Remember I am a customer service department of “one” — just myself! :D

: Please remember that if you received the Google Books/Google Play edition from me, you have to be logged into your Google/Gmail account in order to read the book otherwise you will only have access to the 20% preview. Once you are logged in with your Google/Gmail address, the system will see you on the list and let you read the book and download the pdf. If it doesn’t say READ EBOOK in the left hand side or the book doesn’t show up in your Google Play bookshelf, you haven’t logged in or you are logged in with a different email address than the one you gave me. Several users have emailed me saying that they can’t read the book. If you still have problems, please email me.

: Google Books/Google Play are the same thing: they are just different Google sites showing the same book. There’s no difference between the two.

: Yes, I know there are some typos and issues with the iPad edition. The Apple update and approval process takes a bit of time. Update has been submitted. Once the book is updated, the iBooks app will notify you, and the book should update itself. It is a simple and easy method for reading the book since the iPad/Mac version will have audio and more interactive elements in the coming weeks and months.

: The Google Books edition was updated again this morning! I think I have found all the typos and inconsistencies. I appreciate everyone’s patience as I learn the self-publishing ropes.

: Kindle/Nook versions are still in progress… I’ll give more updates next week.

: I received a couple of emails this week saying that they needed another code for various reasons. If you entered the code, it has been redeemed, and you should have the book in your library. If it doesn’t show up, check your purchases — you can do that on the iPad and the Mac — or retry the code. If when you retry the code it says it has been used, then you have a copy of the book. Once the code is redeemed, a copy of the book is given to you even if you do not download it. If your connection died or perhaps you ran out of battery life, it is possible that this canceled the download, but it doesn’t negate the code nor does it keep you from re-downloading the book. All 50 codes have been given out.

: Several people have said that they do not like reading ebooks. I know that ebooks are not for everyone, and it takes some getting used to. I wish that I could send paperback copies to everyone, but it would cost $15-20 a book, and it would just be too costly once shipping costs were included as well as customs fees for those living outside of the United States and Canada. I’m working on a distribution system for the pdf. I hope to have a paperback version of the book on the market soon!

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Compromise! :)

Ciao a tutti!

The last few days I have been playing around with the settings on Google Books because a lot of people who donated just want the pdf. I understand, and I think I found a solution!

I discovered that I can use Google Books to distribute a copy of the pdf without DRM/copyright protection.

So here is what I am going to do:

1) I’m going to finish contacting everyone and give people who I know have Gmail accounts access to the book.

2) After that, I will contact everyone else, asking for Gmail accounts. If you don’t have one, that’s fine — we’ll work something out!

3) Once the book is finished (it doesn’t make sense to download the book 4 or 5 times since it will change a lot in the next month), I will deactivate for the copyright protection on Google Books for one week — I’ll let everyone know ahead of time via paroladelgiorno.com, Facebook and Twitter so keep checking your emails and follow us there to keep abreast of the latest!

What this mean is: you can download the pdf without copyright protection to your computer during that week. Please note that by downloading the book, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the copyright (which are included in the download of the book). I ask that you do not sell or distribute your copy to anyone else. The first page of the book will include a copyright notice from Google that explains the terms and conditions. Any copies purchased by people who didn’t donate during that week will also be DRM free. After the week expires, I will reactivate DRM. This will not affect your copy of the pdf. You will still have access to the site online. Future updates of the book — such as addendum — will have DRM, though (once you’re on the access list, you can always download DRM copies of the pdf — you’ll have perpetual access to the book).

I think that this will allow people who just want the pdf to download it. All you need is a Google ID: you can sign up for free here:


I think that this should solve the problem of having to download Adobe Digital Editions and get an Adobe ID for those who donated. I know many users have expressed frustration with the technology, and I understand! I hope that this takes away some of the complexity.

If you have questions, email me your thoughts!

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a casaccio

You can buy our ebook, Il vero italiano: you guide to speaking “real” Italian, from Google Play &  iBook Store!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression, a casaccio, which means at random.  See the expression used below:

Questa mattina ho dimenticato le chiavi del portone e per farmi aprire ho suonato dei campanelli a casaccio Ha funzionato! La prima persona che ho suonato ha risposto subito e questo vicino ha aperto il portone.

This morning I forgot the keys to the main entrance, and, in order to get it opened, I rang some of the buzzers at random.  It worked!  The first person that I buzzed responded immediately, and this neighbor opened the main entrance.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Ebook Update:

: There are no more codes for the iPad/Mac version of the book. If this version still interests you, please contact me: I have a “Plan B” in mind!

: Today, I am sending emails to everyone who donated who has an @gmail.com address. I’m adding everyone to the access list and sending out an email with instructions. Please read the email carefully. If you have any questions once you receive the email, please do not hesitate to email me. I’m getting a lot of emails so please be patient while I respond to everyone. The only “customer service representative” is me, so it takes times to get back to everyone! :)

: Tomorrow and later in the week, I’ll be contacting everyone else to see what kind of ebook delivery they prefer and see what we can do about getting everyone a copy. I’m investigating a service that provides DRM and download services so that I can distribute the book once it is finished. There are two chapters left to edit, and we are doing that as we speak!

: The Kindle and Nook versions will be the last to do since it requires a complete re-design of the book to be compatible with epub and Kindle formats. It takes a bit of time. Hopefully in the next week or two!

: Remember that the iPad/Mac version has some errors, and I’m waiting for some updates to be accepted: this will  correct the document. Also, another update is pending to add new chapters and material, too! The Google Books version was updated yesterday and features 1 new chapter and additional corrections.

: Lastly, thank you all for your patience and generosity! ;)

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