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la pasta

Day 3 of our theme week! This week’s theme is brought to us by the blog, Smiling Eggplant and its owner, Cynthia! Cynthia has also recently started a Facebook page, Italian food words, a fun page that explains words and phrases related to Italian food and cooking. Let’s help her build an audience for her Facebook page!  You will be surprised what you can learn about Italian language by studying its food and cuisine!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun, la pasta, which means pasta (like spaghetti, bucatini, ziti, etc.), but it can also mean dough or paste.  In the plural form, it can also mean pastries.  See the noun used below in its context:

A mia madre piace molto cucinare. In particolare, le piace preparare la pasta frolla, croccante e zuccherata,  per cucinare deliziose crostate di frutta.

My mother likes to cook a lot.  She especially likes to make shortcrust pastry, cripsy and sugary, to make delicious fruit tarts!

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