Felice Anno Nuovo e Grazie!

Felice Anno Nuovo! Happy New Year!

2016. What can we say about this difficult year? It has most certainly been a crazy year.

A lot of famous individuals that have had an impact on our lives and culture have passed away this year. Elections not only in the United States but around the world have been divisive, and events around the world have been sad and perplexing: war, hate, violence…the list goes on and on.

I always tells my friends: while the world often delivers us impossible and difficult situations, there are moments of peace and pleasure to be had…little sanctuaries where we can retreat from the chaos of life and take a moment for ourselves. I think that all of us who immerse ourselves in learning Italian continue to do so because it not only challenges us to do and try something new but is something pleasurable that makes us happy.

I know through your emails and messages that many of you do the same. Perhaps it is a weekly language lesson with a native speaker? Perhaps you chat with a friend or two in Italy? Perhaps you listen to an Italian radio station or visit the web site of one of Italy’s many popular newspapers? Each day I take an hour (sometimes two) out of my day to continue to read, listen and study Italian as well as update paroladelgiorno.com. For me, paroladelgiorno.com is not a “job” but a brief respite from life and my studies (that are connected to a lot of depressing things, like war, terrorism, politics). “Parola del Giorno” is my little sanctuary that reminds me every day of my trips and time living in Italy, of the friendships I have made in Italy or through learning Italian, of the many people I have met and connected with over the years, of the amazing food I have eaten, and, most of all, of the progress I have made on this journey towards fluency.

Whether you are learning Italian for your next trip to Italy, simply for fun, or truly wish to become fluent for personal or professional reasons, I hope that “Parola del Giorno” contributes positively in some small way to your learning experiences and provides you with a sanctuary to learn and improve your Italian and take sometime for yourself to connect with Italy, the Italian language and Italian culture.

In closing, I want to thank you all of you who visit the site each day, subscribe to our daily email, connect and participate with “Parola del Giorno” through social media, send us emails and messages alerting us to errors and typos, and have helped us financially through donations and have purchased our language guides. It is all of you that make “Parola del Giorno” so successful and thriving!

Grazie mille!

I wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous 2017!

PS: Special thanks to Daniele for working so arduously in preparing the voice-overs, improving and correcting the daily phrases, and assisting with our books and ebooks. PdG would not be where it is today were it not for his help and support.

PPS: The free ebook for those of you who donate or have donated $5 or more will be ready toward the middle/end of January. Emails and notices will be posted as soon as the book is available to you all to download! Thanks again for your donation!

PPPS: If you haven’t yet received your calendar, please be patient! They take time to print and create, and a few go out each day. Also, PayPal no longer provides me with mailing addresses for those who have donated so you might have received an email from me asking for your address so I can have the calendar mailed to you. Please respond as soon as you can!

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