il rovescio

Today’s Parola del Giorno concludes our tennis theme with the word il rovescio, which means backhand.

See the word used below:

Nel tennis ci sono due modi principali di colpire la pallina: il diritto e il rovescio. Io preferisco il rovescio, cioè colpire la pallina muovendo verso l’alto la racchetta e spostando il peso del corpo sulla gamba sinistra.

In tennis there are two main ways to hit the ball: the forehand and the backhand. I prefer the backhand, in other words, hitting the ball moving toward to the top of the racquet and shifting the weight of the body to the left leg.

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The world rovescio is also used in some non-tennis expressions, such as:

  • mettersi qualcosa al rovescioto put something on inside out
  • capire qualcosa a rovescioto get something backwards
  • a rovescioinside out or upside down (depending on the context)
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