Piccole Guide Volume 2 is almost ready!

Ciao a tutti! Volume 2 in our language guide series, Piccole Guide, is almost ready! It has taken longer to put all the material together! As we put the finishing touches on the language guide, you can still subscribe or pre-order!

First, I want to thank everyone for their patience as we put together this second language guide!

Second, there is still time to either become a subscriber for just $21.99 or pre-order Volume 2 for just $5.99! Visit our store front on Selz!

This language guide is a ‘grab bag’ of material that never made it into our previous publications or needed further explanation than space allowed in some of our other publications.

More importantly, this guide is also anecdotal and describes my own experiences learning Italian and living in Italy. Some sections discuss encounters and experiences with the language when necessary. I have learned a lot interacting with my Italian friends and total strangers. When you using the language daily for several years, you quickly realize what your weaknesses are. I have tried to include as many of those “weaknesses” as possible  in this guide to help you.

This guide – at 40 pages – features a lot of material that you just never see or encounter in some Italian texts/language guides or material that is only partially covered. I have tried to improve upon previous discussions of ci and ne and to provide some information on geography, soccer teams, and Italian wine. There’s a useful section on idiomatic pronominal verbs (like andarsene, fregarsene, etc.), reflexive verbs, and non-idiomatic pronominal verbs and a host of other topics.

An exercise supplement to accompany volume 2 will be released at a later date that is yet to be determined.

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