i vizi capitali: lussorioso

Today’s Parola del Giorno continues our theme on the deadly sins with the adjective lussorioso, which means lustful. This noun that goes with today’s word is the sin la lussuria, which means lust.

Sin (noun) Italian translation Sin (adjective) Italian
lust la lussuria lustful lussorioso
gluttony la gola glutunous goloso
greed l’avarizia greedy avido
sloth l’accidia slothful accidioso
wrath l’ira wrathful


envy l’invidia jealous invidioso/geloso
pride la superbia proud, arrogant superbo

See the adjective used below:

Alcuni affreschi di Pompei raffigurano scene molto lussoriose. Secondo gli studiosi, rappresentano le pratiche sessuali che le prostitute dell’epoca offrivano in cambio di denaro.

Some Pompei frescoes show many lustful scenes. According to researchers, they represent sexual practices prostitutes of the time would offer in exchange for money.

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