avere grilli per la testa

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression avere grilli per la testa, which means to be flighty or to have flights of fancy. 

Un grillo is a cricket, and they are known for hopping all over the place. Imagine those same crickets in someone’s head — it would be hard to focus with all that jumping and chirping! 🙂

See the expression used below.

Gianni è rimasto male quando Tommaso si è dimenticato della sua festa di compleanno. I suoi amici non erano sorpresi:

“Tommaso ha grilli per la testa e non cambierà mai!” – gli dicevano.

Gianni was upset when Tommaso forget about his birthday party. His friends were not surprised:

“Tommaso is flighty and will never change!” they told him.

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