bruciare il grasso

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression bruciare il grasso, which means to burn fat. You will often hear this expression when talking about food, metabolism, or physical activity and losing weight — something that many people — myself included — promise to do each new year! 🙂

See the expression used below:

Hai sentito degli effetti della cannella? I ricercatori dicono che la cannella può accelerare il nostro metabolismo e aiutarci a bruciare il grasso. Un’amica mi ha insegnato a fare infusi di cannella con un po’ di acqua calda prima di andare a letto.

Did you hear about the effects of cinnamon? Researchers are saying that cinnamon can increase our metabolism and help us burn fat. A friend taught me to make cinnamon infusions with a bit of hot water before going to bed.

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