fare una capatina [da qualcuno]

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb expression fare una capatina [da qualcuno], which means to pop in and see [someone]. Una capatina is a brief visit.

See the expression used below:

Domani non lavoriamo e ti passiamo a trovare al bar alle 3 di pomeriggio, così quando finisci di lavorare facciamo una capatina da Mario, è da tanto tempo che ci vuole vedere!

We are not working tomorrow, and we’ll drop by and see you at 3:00 in the afternoon, so when you finish working, we’ll pop in and see Mario since he’s been wanting to see us for a while.

2019 Calendar: Luoghi d’Italia

I received almost two dozen emails over the last few weeks asking if PdG would be publishing another calendar this year. I initially did not have the time to put one together, but a friend of mine helped me choose some photographs from my Flickr and urged me to put one out. If you are interested in supporting PdG, you can purchase a calendar directly from Lulu.com by visiting this link.

(Unfortunately, I cannot send calendars directly to people because of the tax implications of doing so. It creates a lot of extra paperwork that I have to file, and it is time consuming and difficult to process. It also means that I have to file sales tax receipts with the state I live in; purchases from Lulu do not require me to do that so it is easier time-wise and money-wise).