la tangente

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun la tangente, which means bribe.

La tangente can also mean tangent that is used in mathematics.

See the noun used below:

Spesso si legge sul giornale che un politico ha accettato una tangente in cambio di favori. Per esempio, spesso un’azienda dà soldi a un politico nella speranza che questo politico riesca a cambiare una legge per favorire l’azienda stessa.

You often read in the paper how a politician accepted a bribe in exchange for favors. For example, a company often gives money to a politician in the hope that this politician can change a law to favor that same company.

darci dentro

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the pronominal verb darci dentro, which means to put one’s back into it — in other words, to work really hard at something.

See the verb used below:

Anna è una tipa molto determinata. Quando deve impegnarsi, ci dà sempre dentro fino a che non raggiunge il suo obiettivo. La ammiro molto!

Anna is a very motivated woman. When she commits herself, she always puts her back into it until she reaches her goal. I admire her a lot!

il caricatore

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun il caricatore, which means charger (coming from the verb caricare, which means to charge). It refers to any device that can charge a battery.

See the noun used below:

La batteria di questi smartphone non dura niente. Devo attaccare il telefono al caricatore almeno due volte al giorno se non voglio che la batteria si scarichi completamente!

This smartphone’s battery does not last at all. I have plug the phone into the charger at least two times a day if I don’t want to the battery to be completely drained.

Other useful vocabulary:

These words below are a bit more specific and useful if you are shopping for these items while you are traveling. Il caricatore is a general word for charger.

il cavo charge cable

l’alimentatore adapter


Today’s Parola del Giorno is the interjection to’, which means here (when you are giving something to someone) or look (when you are looking at something).

It is a truncation of the imperative command togli from the verb togliere.

This is very colloquial and pretty common.

See the interjection used below:

To’, venti euro, esci e vai a cena con i tuoi amici!

Here, take 20 euro, head out and go to dinner with your friends!

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la conferenza stampa

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun la conferenza stampa, which means press conference.

Politicians and candidates running for office regularly give press conferences during the election season. As the election season ramps up in the United States, there are bound to be daily and weekly press conferences from a variety of candidates:

La conferenza stampa del candidato alla presidenza era piena di sostenitori e giornalisti: tutti volevano fare una domanda al candidato, che è molto amato dalla gente.

The presidential candidate’s press conference was full of supporters and journalists: everyone wanted to ask the candidate, who is much loved by the people, a question.

fare una capatina [da qualcuno]

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb expression fare una capatina [da qualcuno], which means to pop in and see [someone]. Una capatina is a brief visit.

See the expression used below:

Domani non lavoriamo e ti passiamo a trovare al bar alle 3 di pomeriggio, così quando finisci di lavorare facciamo una capatina da Mario, è da tanto tempo che ci vuole vedere!

We are not working tomorrow, and we’ll drop by and see you at 3:00 in the afternoon, so when you finish working, we’ll pop in and see Mario since he’s been wanting to see us for a while.

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il pareo

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun il pareo, which means beach robe or pareo. It is a style of dress typical of Tahiti and the Cook Islands. However, it is typically used in Italy and in the West as a sort of robe that one might wear to cover a bathing suit while at the beach. See the noun used below:

La ragazza uscì dall’acqua e andò verso l’ombrellone. Si annodò il pareo trasparente intorno ai fianchi e andò a comprarsi un gelato, perché era troppo caldo quel giorno al mare.

The woman got out of the water and went towards the umbrella. She tied the thin pareo around her hips and went to buy herself an ice cream, because it was too hot that day at the beach.

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