Piccole Guide (“Little Guides”)

Our newest endeavor, Piccole Guide or “Little Guides,” is a new series of language guides that will feature different aspects of Italian grammar. Each guide is printed in full color and ranges between 40-60 pages. Many of these guides will also feature exercise supplements (but we do not guarantee that all volumes will have exercise supplements).

Each Piccola Guida will be published electronically as DRM-free PDF files or as ebooks availabled through Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and/or the iBook Store. All of our Piccole Guide will also be available in paperback from our publisher Lulu.com as well as via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other booksellers in the United States and around the world.

Volume 1: Preposizioni (Prepositions) & Exercise Supplement

image of front cover of volume 1 of the Little Guides











This short volume goes over some important rules regarding the use of Italian prepositions. The Exercise Supplement to Volume 1 is currently free to download as a DRM-free PDF (although donations are greatly appreciated to support our work) or can be purchased in print.

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Exercise Supplement to Volume 1, download DRM-free PDF — free

Exercise Supplement to Volume 1 from Google Books
Exercise Supplement to Volume 1 for Amazon Kindle


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Exercise Supplement to Volume 1, Purchase from Lulu Press, $11.49

Volume 2: Ripassiamo! (Let’s Review!)











Ripassiamo! or Let’s Review! is a short language guide that addresses some of the pitfalls of Italian grammar and offers a succinct review of these complex aspects of Italian grammar. An exercise supplement is forthcoming; no date has been set for its release.

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, $8.99


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Volume 3: 
Verbi che tutti devono sapere! (Verbs everyone must know!) – Forthcoming in late Fall 2017











Volume 3 – forthcoming in November 2017 – will help you to learn some of the most important Italian verbs as well as provide notes and useful tidbits on verb usage. Pre-order your DRM-free PDF from our storefront on Selz and save $3.00!