l’ora legale | daylight saving time

Because this weekend was the end of daylight saving time in Italy, I felt that a supplement was needed. Daylight saving time is known as l’ora legale in Italian. When daylight saving time ends in October, l’ora solare returns.

Daylight saving time restarts on March 25, 2012 in Italy (don’t forget, in the United States, daylight saving time starts a week later!

If you want to learn more about daylight saving time in Italy, check out the Wikipedia article in Italian on the subject and see if there are any other words and expressions that you can learn.


l’ora legale |  daylight saving time

l’ora solaresolar time, standard time (when daylight saving time ends and our clocks move back)

l’orologio, gli orologi* | clock, clocks, watch

l’orologio portatile da polso | wrist watch

l’orologio portatile da taschino (also known as una cipolla or l’orologio a cipolla) | pocket watch
*also, l’orologio can also mean watch

la lancetta, le lancette | hand, hands (on a clock)

avanti | ahead, forward; can also mean ‘fast’:

Il mio orologio è avanti di dieci minuti.
My watch is 10 minutes fast.

indietro back; can also mean ‘slow’:

Il mio orologio è indietro di cinque minuti.
My watch is 5 minutes slow.

portare l’orologio avanti di un’ora to turn the clock forward an hour, to turn the clock ahead an hour

spostare (in) avanti le lancette dell’orologio/degli orologi to turn/to move the clock forward an hour

portare l’orologio indietro di un’ora to turn/to move the clock back an hour

spostare indietro le lancette dell’orologio/degli orologi to turn the clock back an hour

Other time expressions:

avere le ore contate: to live on borrowed time

in punto: sharp or on the dot

Download: Supplemento: l’ora solare (pdf)

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