il peperone

Day 2 of our theme week! This week’s theme is brought to us by the blog, Smiling Eggplant and its owner, Cynthia! Cynthia has also recently started a Facebook page, Italian food wordsa fun page that explains words and phrases related to Italian food and cooking. Let’s help her build an audience for her Facebook page!  You will be surprised what you can learn about Italian language by studying its food and cuisine!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun, il peperone, which means pepper.  Do not confuse peperone with the American pepperoni. They are two different things!  American pepperoni would be called salamino piccante.  If you want the Italian equivalent to a pepperoni pizza, check out this post from the Smiling Eggplant! Let’s see the word used below in its context:

Quando sono andato in pizzeria con mio cugino americano e ha ordinato una pizza con peperoni ed è rimasto deluso, perché si aspettava di mangiare una pizza con salamino piccante.

When I went to the pizzeria with my American cousin, he ordered a pizza with peppers and was disappointed because he was expecting to eat pizza with spicy salami.

[audio:|titles=il peperone]