stringere la cinghia

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the idiomatic expression, stringere la cinghia, which means to tighten one’s belt.  In Italian, this expression is called a modo di dire or an idiomatic expression.  This week’s theme will focus on five interesting expressions — try to incorporate them into your speaking whenever you can!  See the expression used below in its context:

Ho chiesto a mia cugina a cosa sarebbe disposta a rinunciare se dovesse iniziare a stringere la cinghia se i soldi non le bastassero più.  Lei mi ha risposto che rinuncerebbe a fare shopping.

I asked my cousin what would she be willing to give up if she had to start tightening her belt if there wasn’t enough money anymore. She responded to me that she would give up shopping.  

[audio:|titles=stringere la cinghia]