Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb, visitare, which means to visit or to tour.  Take note that this verb is used when visiting or touring cities, places, museums, sites, or going to visit your doctor, etc.  To talk about visiting a person, such as family members or friends, the expression andare (or venire, depending on the context) a trovare qualcuno is more commonly used.  See the example below:

Io e la mia famiglia siamo andati a Venezia a trovare mia nonna. Lei ha una bella casa non lontano da Piazza San Marco. Non vediamo l’ora di visitare tutti i musei e luoghi di interesse!

My family and I went to Venice to visit my grandmother.  She has a beautiful house not far from the Piazza San Marco.  We can’t wait to tour all the museums and sites.


NB:  Ciao a tutti!  In preparation for some changes to the site, I will only be leaving the last few weeks of words up until I can complete modifications.