Today’s Parola del Giorno is the adjective, lacero, which means ragged to describe someone’s appearance. It can also be used to describe clothes that are torn or tattered. See the adjective used below in its context:

Matteo: Gianni, ma devi venire così vestito alla festa stasera?

Matteo: Gianni, but do you really come dressed this way to the party tonight?

Gianni: Sì, perché? Cosa c’è che non va?

Gianni:  Yes, why? What’s wrong?

Matteo: Ma ti sei visto? Hai la camicia strappata, pantaloni sporchi e scarpe vecchie è rivoltante.

Matteo: But have you seen yourself? You have a ripped shirt, dirty pants and old shoes… it’s revolting.

Gianni: Ma a me piace questo look!

Gianni: But I like this look!

Matteo: Sei lacero!

Matteo: You’re ragged!