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Today’s Parola del Giorno is the word, Permesso!, which means Pardon me or Excuse me:  it is uttered when someone is standing in your way, and you politely ask them to please let you pass.  You will hear it often in crowded situations, such as the metro or bus when someone wants to get off or on.  See the word used below:

Tony va in ufficio postale perché deve pagare una bolletta.
Tony goes to the post office because he has to pay a bill.

Tony: Salve, potrebbe dirmi se ho preso il numero giusto?
Tony: Hello, could you tell me if I took the right number?

Impiegato: Questo è quell0 sbagliato, Può tornare all’entrata per riprenderlo.
Employee:  This is the wrong one.  You can go back to the entrance to take it.

Tony: Ok, grazie.
Tony: Ok, grazie.

Una persona blocca il suo accesso alla macchinetta e Tony dice:
A person is blocking his access to the dispenser and Tony says:

Tony: Permesso? Mi scusi, mi farebbe passare per favore?
Tony:  Excuse me?  I beg your pardon, would you let me pass, please?