Grazie di cuore!

Ciao a tutti i miei sostenitori!

Thank you again for all the donations that have been received up to this point. Late last week we surpassed our goal of $2500! When friends of mine floated the idea to me earlier this year, I balked because I did not think it would work.

“You offer a service for free,” my friend explained to me. “There is no harm in asking people to make a contribution so that the service remains free. It doesn’t hurt to ask. People are free to donate or not donate. But you should let them decide.”

Another friend put it to me this way: “You spend hours a week putting the site together. Selecting the words. Your associate helps you with the phrases and editing. It’s a lot of work.  You should make PdG a pay site!”

Turning Parola del Giorno into a pay site would mean shutting it down for some time while the site was revamped to keep users who didn’t pay from accessing the content. It would also mean reconfiguring the iOS app, too. It would be a lot of work and expensive. But it would also cut a lot of people off from the site.

“Then,” my friend pointed out to me, “you have to either fundraise or close it down.”

Closing down Parola del Giorno would have felt like losing a best friend. The site was reaching hundreds of people every day, and the idea of closing down Parola del Giorno just did not feel right to me. I had invested too much time, energy, love and money to throw in the towel! I decided to see if I could raise money to help cover operating expenses and development of an Android app!

To be honest, I did not think that $2500 would be raised let alone raised so quickly! More than 200 users have made donations! I have received hundreds of emails from people wanting to send checks. To think that $2500 was raised via PayPal alone — and in less than one month — has left me in awe! More importantly, the notes and comments I have received have been a joy to read. I am amazed at how many people follow the site. I also enjoyed learning about how and why many of you are learning Italian!

Everyone who donated will receive a free copy of our upcoming e-book! It doesn’t have a title yet, but it is taking shape, and I will reveal more soon. I hope to have it available via Amazon, iBookstore and Google Play as well as available directly through PdG. 

Our fundraising initiative will continue until July 1st. If you have not yet donated, there is still time. Remember: everyone who has donated before July 1st will receive a free copy of the ebook delivered to their inbox!

In closing: thanks again for all the donations and your messages of support!