la filiale

For the next seven days, Parola del Giorno will focus on the theme of banking by highlighting some useful words and expressions! We are always looking for themes and ideas — if you have a suggestion, send us an email, respond to us on Twitter (@paroladelgiorno) or leave a comment on our Facebook Page!

Today’s word is the noun, la filiale, which means branch. See the noun used below in its context:

Hanno aperto una nuova filiale della mia banca qui in zona, finalmente! Adesso mi verrà più comodo andare a prelevare o versare soldi senza arrivare per forza in centro città per andare alla sede centrale.

They finally opened a new branch of my bank here in the neighborhood! Now it will be easier for me to go withdraw or deposit money without having any choice but to get downtown in order to go to the main office.

[audio:|titles=il filiale]

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