Today’s Parola del Giorno is the adjective, invidiosowhich means jealous or envious. Care must be taken when using geloso and invidioso because they are not interchangeable. Geloso is used to describe “love triangles” whereas invidioso is used to describe jealousy as it relates to envy. For example, your friend bought a new car that you have been wanting to buy for ages. You might be jealous or envious of your friend’s new acquisition, but in Italian you would be invidioso/a. Let’s look at the context below:

Sono invidioso di Marco: ha sempre tempo di fare lunghe vacanze mentre io sono sempre in ufficio!

I am jealous of Marco: he always has time to take long vacations while I am always at the office!



: geloso is used when we fear losing something, such as a person or a love. It can also be used in a figurative way, often with certain abstractions or items in our possession, such as being jealous of certain freedoms or say a child who is jealous of his or her toys, meaning that the child is afraid that the toys will prefer a different owner

: invidioso is used to describe a jealous or envy because we want a particular object or thing that someone else has (as in the example above)