stare al fresco

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Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb expression, stare al fresco, which means to do time or to be in the clink and is a way of referring to someone who is in prison.  See the expression used below in its context:

Quando quel mafioso ha chiesto il pizzo al negozio, tutti in zona erano furiosi e stavano con il proprietario. Adesso il mafioso starà al fresco per un paio di anni.

When that mafioso asked for protection money at the store, everyone in the neighborhood was furious and were behind the owner. Now the mafioso will do time for a couple of years.

[audio:|titles=stare al fresco]


: the expression, al fresco, does not mean eating outdoors. There are tons of restaurants in the United States that often misuse this expression. If you want to dine outside when you are eating in Italy, it is better to ask for a table fuori or all’aperto.