la domanda

Yesterday, we learned about the word, la questione, which means question, such as an issue or a matter. Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun, la domanda, which means question (fare una domandato ask a question). It can also mean — as seen below — application or form, such as the kind you might fill out (compilare) to get a passport or a job:

Per iscrivermi all’università, ho dovuto compilare una domanda di iscrizione di 15 pagine.

In order to enrol at university, I had to fill out a 15 page registration form.

[audio:|titles=la domanda]

Ciao a tutti! There seems to be some confusion about the ebook. It is forthcoming and will be published sometime in August. I am waiting for the graphic designer to finish the templates. They should be done soon, and then I can paste the text into the templates. Once that is complete, it will go to a small focus group for editing and corrections. I have a list of everyone who donated. Once the book is ready, I will either email a copy of the ebook to everyone or provide a link to download the book.

The central theme of the book will be to help people learning Italian use the language better and sound more like native speakers and less like stranieri. The book will be approximately 100-150 pages and feature tips on sentence construction, useful grammar, using ne and ci, and other useful tips. Once the templates are done, I’ll try to post a sample selection or two to give everyone an idea!

I would like to thank everyone again for their donations and support! 🙂