il telo (da mare)

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun, il telo (da mare), which means beach towel or beach blanket.  See the noun used below in its context:

La mia amica Maria ha un telo da mare di Hello Kitty. Le ho detto che è troppo grande per andare a mare con quel telo, ma a lei piace e non le importa cosa pensa la gente.

My friend, Maria, has a Hello Kitty beach towel.  I told her she is too old to go to the beach with that towel, but she likes it and doesn’t care what people think.

[audio:|titles=il telo da mare]


I just wanted to give a quick update on the ebook. We have finally narrowed down the template and style sheets, so now we can begin pasting the text into the book. The book will be a mixture of grammar and new words and phrases. The theme of the book will focus on certain sfumature that I have learned and encountered living here in Italy over the past few years. Some chapters will be more suited for beginners while others for intermediate and advanced students. There are some things that you learn using the language that are hard to get from books, and I wanted to write a book that would help people learn from my mistakes and gaffes. The format will be an “A-to-Z” format, and chapter will address a particular word, phrase or point of grammar.

The book will be published in the iBookstore and a pdf version will be available at the beginning. As I get more proficient in making ebooks and using the software, I will publish in other stores, although this may change depending on how fast I can get up to speed on certain technical issues. However, the pdf version will work on any device (tablet, phone or computer) that is able to open a pdf file. The book will probably also have digital rights of some kind that are common for most ebooks to prevent theft of intellectual property.

I can’t guarantee that the first version will have audio embedded, but I will do my best. I am finding that it is hard to embed sound files that can be easily controlled and displayed in the pdf. The iBookstore version will have sound from the get-go, but I hope to rectify this soon. I also hope that I can place the pdf and various formats in some online stores so that people can download the books and receive automatic updates without me having to email everyone copies of the book, but I will do that if it comes down to that.

I am looking at a publication date of August 30, but it could happen sooner if things go smoothly! Thanks again for all the support and patience!