gridare al lupo

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the idiomatic expression, gridare al lupo, which means to cry wolf.  In Italian, it is also used to describe a situation where you are in trouble and no one pays any attention or asking for help in dealing with an imaginary problem. The expression comes from Aesop’s (Esopo) fable about the boy who cried “Wolf!” when there was none that, after a while, the townspeople assumed he was making it up and stopped coming to his aid, believing the wolf to be “made up”! See the expression used below in its context:

Quel ragazzo amava circondarsi di persone poco raccomandabili e se ne vantava con tutti: adesso è nei guai fino al collo e non fa altro che gridare al lupo, ma le sue richieste di aiuto vengono continuamente ignorate.

That guy loved to surround himself with untrustworthy people and would brag of it with everyone: now he is in trouble up to his neck, and he does nothing other than cry wolf, but his requests for helps are continuously ignored.

[audio:|titles=gridare al lupo]