dormirci sopra

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the pronominal verb, dormirci sopra, which means to sleep on it. In English, we sleep on something when we want to delay a decision until the next day so we can have more time to make a decision. See the expression used below:

La mia fidanzata non vuole andare in Egitto per Ferragosto e mi ha dato due scelte: Grecia o Turchia! Adesso non so cosa voglio fare: le ho detto che devo dormirci sopra.

My girlfriend doesn’t want to go to Egypt for Ferragosto, and she gave me two choices: Greece or Turkey! Now I don’t know what I want to do: I told her I have to sleep on it.

[audio:|titles=dormirci sopra]

Buon week end a tutti!

Update on the ebook:

The ebook is progressing well! Five chapters are completed and another one is in the works today.  3 more chapters are to be done. Each chapter will focus on a different part of speech with a brief introduction on some important grammar followed by words to help you understand use these various parts of speech. Those who donated during the fundraisers who have iPads that would like the iBookstore version can opt for a free copy of this version which will update automatically as sections are added. I’ll send out an email next week once I have more details. Thanks again for your patience!