Ebook Update

Ciao a tutti! I’ve been getting so many enthusiastic emails from everyone as well as a lot of questions, so I will try to answer them all here.

1) If you did not donate and are interested in the book, there are two versions available: the version in the iBook Store for iPads, iPad minis and Macintoshes. To download the book, you need the iBooks App installed AND the Google Play/Google Books Edition.

2) The price of the book is currently $7.99. 

3) Some people have asked about audio. It is doable and most probably will take place with the iPad/Mac version since it is the easiest to do, but I have to see. I am also in contact with some designers and technical people about how to add multimedia to a pdf. It might be beyond my abilities at this point, but it is on the table, and I’m working on it. I’ll keep everyone posted!

4) A few people emailed wanted to know why the book was published unfinished. Yes, the book is unfinished, but, in its current form, it is quite useable, and there is a lot of material. I published the book in this way because I have never published a book before on my own. I needed to learn how it worked and what steps needed to be done. In a few weeks, I take my comprehensive exams to complete my Master’s Degree. Once I start my exams, I won’t have time for much else so I wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing so that future updates would go much easier.

5) The current version of the book for the iPad/iPad mini and Mac has a few typos and misalignments. I have corrected them, and they are pending in an update that should be released soon. The Google Play/Google Books edition is also pending an update, but it should clear in a few hours time.

6) If you have purchased the book or received a download code or free copy, please consider leaving a review if you can. Also, I have added the book to Goodreads. Reviews (positive and negative) help drive interest in the book.

7) Once the book is complete, there will be flowing text version of the book for the Kindle and Nook for purchase from Amazon and B&N, respectively. Hopefully, this will take place before the end of August.

8) And there will be paperback version self-published through Lulu.com later this year! I’m looking at pricing now.


I promised everyone who donated a free copy of the ebook as a thank you gift. Please note that codes for redemption were/are not being mailed out automatically. The reasons for this is that Apple only gives out 50 codes. There are a dozen left. If this is how you want to receive your ebook, you have to email me (address below) since I don’t know who has iPads or Macs. First come, first served!

Once the codes run out, I suggest the Google Play version. It is the same book, and you can read it on your iPad, iPhone, tablet, or smartphone (even the browser on your iPhone or smartphone). This version is much more versatile, and I actually prefer it to the iBooks version of the book for this reason.

There are two caveats to the Google version.  First, you need to have a Google account. Second, to use the pdf on your computer, you need Adobe Digital Editions and an Adobe ID because the pdf you download from Google will have DRM protected. I know that the DRM is a pain and annoying, but it is important that copyright and content be protected.

The reason that I am pushing people for the Google version is that updates are effortless, and you will always have the latest version and edition of the book.

Lastly, thank you so much for your patience! Yesterday, there were 20 copies purchased of the book and twice as many downloads from people who made donations. I’m really appreciative of everyone’s generosity and enthusiasm. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: info@paroladelgiorno.com.