a casaccio

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Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression, a casaccio, which means at random.  See the expression used below:

Questa mattina ho dimenticato le chiavi del portone e per farmi aprire ho suonato dei campanelli a casaccio Ha funzionato! La prima persona che ho suonato ha risposto subito e questo vicino ha aperto il portone.

This morning I forgot the keys to the main entrance, and, in order to get it opened, I rang some of the buzzers at random.  It worked!  The first person that I buzzed responded immediately, and this neighbor opened the main entrance.

[audio:https://paroladelgiorno.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/recording-20140226-200008.mp3|titles=a casaccio]

Ebook Update:

: There are no more codes for the iPad/Mac version of the book. If this version still interests you, please contact me: I have a “Plan B” in mind!

: Today, I am sending emails to everyone who donated who has an @gmail.com address. I’m adding everyone to the access list and sending out an email with instructions. Please read the email carefully. If you have any questions once you receive the email, please do not hesitate to email me. I’m getting a lot of emails so please be patient while I respond to everyone. The only “customer service representative” is me, so it takes times to get back to everyone! 🙂

: Tomorrow and later in the week, I’ll be contacting everyone else to see what kind of ebook delivery they prefer and see what we can do about getting everyone a copy. I’m investigating a service that provides DRM and download services so that I can distribute the book once it is finished. There are two chapters left to edit, and we are doing that as we speak!

: The Kindle and Nook versions will be the last to do since it requires a complete re-design of the book to be compatible with epub and Kindle formats. It takes a bit of time. Hopefully in the next week or two!

: Remember that the iPad/Mac version has some errors, and I’m waiting for some updates to be accepted: this will  correct the document. Also, another update is pending to add new chapters and material, too! The Google Books version was updated yesterday and features 1 new chapter and additional corrections.

: Lastly, thank you all for your patience and generosity! 😉