Compromise! :)

Ciao a tutti!

The last few days I have been playing around with the settings on Google Books because a lot of people who donated just want the pdf. I understand, and I think I found a solution!

I discovered that I can use Google Books to distribute a copy of the pdf without DRM/copyright protection.

So here is what I am going to do:

1) I’m going to finish contacting everyone and give people who I know have Gmail accounts access to the book.

2) After that, I will contact everyone else, asking for Gmail accounts. If you don’t have one, that’s fine — we’ll work something out!

3) Once the book is finished (it doesn’t make sense to download the book 4 or 5 times since it will change a lot in the next month), I will deactivate for the copyright protection on Google Books for one week — I’ll let everyone know ahead of time via, Facebook and Twitter so keep checking your emails and follow us there to keep abreast of the latest!

What this mean is: you can download the pdf without copyright protection to your computer during that week. Please note that by downloading the book, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the copyright (which are included in the download of the book). I ask that you do not sell or distribute your copy to anyone else. The first page of the book will include a copyright notice from Google that explains the terms and conditions. Any copies purchased by people who didn’t donate during that week will also be DRM free. After the week expires, I will reactivate DRM. This will not affect your copy of the pdf. You will still have access to the site online. Future updates of the book — such as addendum — will have DRM, though (once you’re on the access list, you can always download DRM copies of the pdf — you’ll have perpetual access to the book).

I think that this will allow people who just want the pdf to download it. All you need is a Google ID: you can sign up for free here:

I think that this should solve the problem of having to download Adobe Digital Editions and get an Adobe ID for those who donated. I know many users have expressed frustration with the technology, and I understand! I hope that this takes away some of the complexity.

If you have questions, email me your thoughts!