mettersi sui libri

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb expression, mettersi sui libri, which means to hit the books. See the expression used below:

Che palle! Ho un esame lunedì e devo studiare molto! Mi metterò sui libri tutto il week end per prepararmi per quest’esame di filosofia.

Damn! I have an exam on Monday and have to study a lot! I will hit the books all weekend in order to prepare myself for this philosophy exam.

[audio:|titles=mettersi sui libri]

Ebook Update And Other News:

: I’m still contacting everyone so please be patient! If I haven’t responded yet to your email, I will get to it. I have received a lot of email in the last few days. Remember I am a customer service department of “one” — just myself! 😀

: Please remember that if you received the Google Books/Google Play edition from me, you have to be logged into your Google/Gmail account in order to read the book otherwise you will only have access to the 20% preview. Once you are logged in with your Google/Gmail address, the system will see you on the list and let you read the book and download the pdf. If it doesn’t say READ EBOOK in the left hand side or the book doesn’t show up in your Google Play bookshelf, you haven’t logged in or you are logged in with a different email address than the one you gave me. Several users have emailed me saying that they can’t read the book. If you still have problems, please email me.

: Google Books/Google Play are the same thing: they are just different Google sites showing the same book. There’s no difference between the two.

: Yes, I know there are some typos and issues with the iPad edition. The Apple update and approval process takes a bit of time. Update has been submitted. Once the book is updated, the iBooks app will notify you, and the book should update itself. It is a simple and easy method for reading the book since the iPad/Mac version will have audio and more interactive elements in the coming weeks and months.

: The Google Books edition was updated again this morning! I think I have found all the typos and inconsistencies. I appreciate everyone’s patience as I learn the self-publishing ropes.

: Kindle/Nook versions are still in progress… I’ll give more updates next week.

: I received a couple of emails this week saying that they needed another code for various reasons. If you entered the code, it has been redeemed, and you should have the book in your library. If it doesn’t show up, check your purchases — you can do that on the iPad and the Mac — or retry the code. If when you retry the code it says it has been used, then you have a copy of the book. Once the code is redeemed, a copy of the book is given to you even if you do not download it. If your connection died or perhaps you ran out of battery life, it is possible that this canceled the download, but it doesn’t negate the code nor does it keep you from re-downloading the book. All 50 codes have been given out.

: Several people have said that they do not like reading ebooks. I know that ebooks are not for everyone, and it takes some getting used to. I wish that I could send paperback copies to everyone, but it would cost $15-20 a book, and it would just be too costly once shipping costs were included as well as customs fees for those living outside of the United States and Canada. I’m working on a distribution system for the pdf. I hope to have a paperback version of the book on the market soon!