non avere vincoli

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression, non avere vincoli, which means to have no obligations or, more colloquially, to not be chained/tied down. You’ll hear it a lot in the negative when people say that they do not like having obligations (non mi piace avere vincoli). See the expression used below in its context:

Dopo cinque tristi anni passati insieme a Lucio, adesso sono molto felice della mia nuova vita da single. Che bello uscire senza dare spiegazioni e fare come voglio! Non ho vincoli, faccio come voglio io!

After five sad years spent together with Lucio, I am now very happy with my new single life. How wonderful is it that I can go out without explaining myself and doing as I please! I am not chained down, and I do what I want!

[audio:|titles=non avere vincoli]

Ebook Update:

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