la tovaglietta

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Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun, la tovaglietta, which means placematThis is a often decorative piece of plastic, cloth or other material on which your place setting is put. See the noun used below in its context:

Ho deciso che per la prossima casa comprerò delle tovagliette: sono più comode di una tovaglia grande perché ognuno può usare la sua. Inoltre sono più piccole e, quindi, si puliscono meglio e più in fretta di una tovaglia grande.

I decided that for the next house I will buy some placemats: they are more convenient than a large tablecloth because each person can use his own. In addition, they are smaller, and, therefore, they clean better and quicker than a large tablecloth.

[audio:|titles=la tovaglietta]

News & Updates:

: We have three new publications coming out in the next couple of weeksThe first one will be a companion guide to “Il vero italiano” that will feature exercises for practicing the grammar presented in the book. The second one will be a guide to the subjunctive that we hope you will enjoy: it will feature chapters on why the subjunctive is used, how it is used, and when to use it. The third book will be called “Il vero italiano 2” and will be an ebook for the iPad/Mac (and possibly a paperback with a CD or the ability to download the audio files) on improving your Italian pronunciation. A friend of mine is a specialist in Italian diction, and he has been helping me to improve my pronunciation, and we are putting together an interactive ebook so that people can practice their pronunciation and better understand the rules of pronunciation!

: If you ordered the paperback between September 10 and October 20, please check to make sure that there are no printing errors in your copy. A few people have complained about the text being too light and some printing overlaps in the last chapter of the book. This was an error in how I distilled the file, and it wasn’t caught right away (my copy seemed fine).  If your copy doesn’t seem quite right, email me ( as well as a copy of your receipt from (or wherever you purchased it), and I will send you another copy as soon as I return to the United States in December.

: Several users have emailed about the app! I am aware that it has stopped working since the release of iOS 8. I’m working on an update, but I do not have time with my exams to spend dozens of hours on the coding. The app has since been pulled from the App Store, and I will release it again as soon as it is working properly. The Android app is still under construction, too (I haven’t forgotten!) 😀

: Buon week end a tutti!