Our book, “Il vero italiano: Your Guide To Speaking ‘Real’ Italian,” is now listed on Amazon.com! You can find it here!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun, l’intenditrice (f.), which means connoisseur or expert. To describe an expert or connoisseur who is a man, you would use l’intenditore. See the word used below in its context:

La signora al negozio di vini ci ha spiegato nel dettaglio tutte le caratteristiche del vino che abbiamo comprato. Si vede che le piace il suo lavoro e che è davvero un’intenditrice!

The woman at the wine store explained to us in detail all the characteristics of the wine we bought. You can see that she likes her job and is really a connoisseur!


Thank You!:

I just want to thank everyone for their support and patience on our first ebook project! We have received some positive feedback on Goodreads and Amazon.com. I have received a lot of positive emails, too. I especially want to thank everyone who donated and contributed to the site from May to July. Your support has helped PdG grow and do more!

If you have purchased the book, please consider sharing your opinion as a review where you purchased the book. Reviews really do help books sell, and I think that “Il vero italiano” is a great resource for learning Italian. While one book alone won’t help you be a better speaker without practice, I do think that the book can help students learn some of the nuances of the language that are not often presented in other language learning guides. I think learning Italian requires using a multitude of books and other materials.

Soon we will be publishing “Il vero italiano 2,” a collection of exercises to help practice some of the material presented in the book. Shortly after that, we will be publishing “Il vero italiano 3,” a pronunciation audio guide written with my friend, Danilo (an expert on pronunciation and diction).

Also due out hopefully before the end of 2014 is our short guide on using the subjunctive, and we are also in the process of creating an Italian reader: a collection of original essays on Italian life, culture, art, history, music and more to help learn more about Italy while building your vocabulary and reading skills. More details to follow soon!

Thank you again for keeping PdG going strong!