il drappo

Il vero italiano 2: Practice Makes Perfect is due out on December 15th! You can pre-order the ebook on Google Play!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun, il drappo, which can mean expensive or luxurious cloth or fabric or drapeIt is refers to expensive fabric or cloth that one might use for sacred vestments (like those worn by cardinals and prelates) as well as designer and high-end fashion. See the noun used below in its context:

Annamaria è davvero una persona stravagante: si è fatta fare un ritratto di lei vestita come una dea greca, con un drappo rosso e lungo che le copre il corpo.

Annamaria is a really extravagant person: she had a portrait done of herself dressed as a Greek goddess, with a long red luxurious cloth that covers her body.

[audio:|titles=il drappo]

News & Updates:
Il vero italiano 2: Practice Makes Perfect is a mainly book of exercises to help you practice the grammar, words and expressions presented in the first book. It also includes new grammar sections that were not added into the first book (such as using the past tenses, use of ci & ne). It is a companion to the first book, and we feel that they work well together.

This book will be available first as a PDF (rights free so you can print it out and use it on any computer or device) from Google Play/Google Books and later from our storefront on Selz for $4.99. An ebook for the iPad/Mac will be available for sale from the iBook Store for $2.99 (since you can only view it — Apple doesn’t allow printing of iBooks —  but it might be useful for people who want to work with their iPad and a pen and paper to do the exercises). Please note: There will not be a version for the Kindle or Nook. A paperback version will be available hopefully before Christmas Eve for purchase first via for about $5.99-8.99 depending on the final page count and later via Amazon and other online bookstores (between $11.99-14.99, depending on the store).

: Regarding the Kindle, next year there may be a “fixed-format” version of both Il vero italiano and Il vero italiano 2 for the Kindle Fire as well as the Kindle Apps on the iPad/Mac and other tablets.