la gattara

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun, la gattara, which means cat lady. This is a person who tends to feed stray cats or may have a lot of cats at home. The noun is derived from the word, il gatto, which means catThis noun can also be used to describe the small opening in a door that allows the cat to crawl through (cat door). Since #PdG is an equal opportunity web site, we should point out that il gattaro can also be used, but the feminine form of the noun is more common. See the noun used below:

Mia nonna è diventata una gattara: dall’ultima volta che l’ho vista, si prende cura di una decina di gatti dandogli da mangiare ogni giorno. Per fortuna non li tiene in casa!

My grandmother has become a cat lady: since the last time I saw her, she has been taking care of dozens of cats, feeding them every day. Luckily, she doesn’t keep them in the house!

[audio:|titles=la gattara]