Ciao a tutti! We have a new book coming out on the 22nd of January on the subjunctive called Il perfetto congiuntivo! Pre-order your copy on Google Play!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb raccapezzare that can mean to figure out or to find out. This verb is often used in the negative to mean to (not) understand something. See the noun used below in its context:

Marina e Fabio erano appena arrivati in città e non sapevano dove andare per raggiungere l’hotel. Solamente dopo un’ora hanno raccapezzato la strada giusta e sono arrivati a destinazione.

Marina and Fabio had just got into town and didn’t know where to go to reach the hotel. Only after an hour did they figure out the right street and arrived at their destination.



: Ciao a tutti! We have our third book coming out called “Il perfetto congiuntivo” — it is a guide to using the Italian subjunctive. I believe it is one of the first books in English devoted to the topic (although I could be wrong). The book will be just under 100 pages and is four chapters. The first chapter explains the differences between the subjunctive and the indicative. The second chapter explains how to the form the subjunctive and its four tenses. The third looks at the rules of the subjunctive and when it has to be used and other optional uses of the subjunctive. The last chapter looks at the agreement of tenses with some useful charts and explanations.

The book will be published on Google Play and the iBook Store first around the 22nd of February (the day may be a bit earlier or a bit later depending on how fast we can get it edited and typset). In early March, we hope to have it available for sale on lulu and Amazon.com (as well as other online booksellers) as a paperback. In April, we will publish a short exercise guide to help you practice the rules learned in the book (we might try to add to the exercises to the book directly, but we have to see if there is space for them).

You can currently pre-order the book on Google Play for $4.99! After the publication date, the price of the book will go up to $5.99.