ad ogni morte di papa

Buon venerdì a tutti! Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression ad ogni morte di papa, which means once in a blue moon (literally, it means at every Pope’s death). Since popes are generally known to have long reigns, popes tend to live long lives and choosing new ones doesn’t happen with much frequency. See the expression used below:

Ho finalmente capito che Marina non è interessata alla nostra amicizia. Non si fa mai sentire, mi telefona ad ogni morte di papa e spesso non risponde ai miei inviti. Smetto di chiamarla.

I finally understand that Marina wasn’t interested in our friendship. She never gets in touch, phones me once in a blue moon and often does not respond to my calls. I will stop calling her.

[audio:|titles=ad ogni morte di papa]

Nota Bene:

There’s a difference between il papa and il papà! Il papa refers to the pope, while il papà refers to your dad or father.

Apple Snafu on Wednesday:

On Wednesday, it wasn’t possible to order much from the App Store or the iBook Store. A couple of people emailed me to say that they were unable to purchase ebooks. Apple has restored service to their stores, and you should be able to make purchases again. Thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know! You can find our latest ebook on the subjunctive here!