il colorificio

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun il colorificio, which means paint shop. This is the store where you would go to by paint (la vernice). See the noun used below:

Questo fine settimana pittureremo una parete della sala di colore verde. Per questo, ieri, siamo andati al colorificio e abbiamo comprato la vernice.

This weekend we will paint a living room wall green.  We went to the paint shop yesterday and bought paint for this reason.

[audio:|titles=il colorificio]


: Ciao a tutti! I’m taking a course on State and Local Government that is winding down, and I have been working more on updates for the iOS app and am continuing with the work on the Android app (I have not forgotten!). I just wanted to keep everyone updated. I hope to finish before September, but I have another course starting in May that will run through the summer.

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