Ciao a tutti e buon lunedì! This week’s theme is going to explore one of my favorite Italian cities: Rome! Each phrases will highlight a word that will relate to some place or custom in Rome. I spent almost three years living in Rome, and I want to take this week to share some of my experiences while living in the Eternal City while building your Italian vocabulary at the same time!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb sbiancare, which means to whiten. It is derived from the adjectives bianco (white). Today’s word focuses on Rome’s pyramid! Did you know that Rome has a pyramid (una piramide). The Pyramid of Cestius (La Piramide Cestia) is located in Testaccio, and it has its own metro stop along Linea B. The pyramid was recently restored and cleaned, and the pyramid looks as if it were just built yesterday! Check out this photo (you can also see the rest of his pictures of Rome at that link, too!) of the Pyramid of Cestius taken by my friend, Andrea, who lives in Rome! See the verb used below:

L’altro giorno uno dei miei amici mi ha mandato una foto della Piramide cestia a Roma e ho commentato il fatto che l’hanno sbiancata bene.

The other day one of my friends sent me a photo of the Pyramid of Cestius in Rome, and I commented on the fact that they whitened it well!