il palo

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Ciao a tutti e buon lunedì! Last week the words profiled on our blog explored the city of Rome. This week we will explore the city of Venice: you will hopefully learn something about Venice while building your Italian vocabulary at the same time. I’ll post pictures from my last trip to Venice on our Facebook page and Twitter profile!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun il palo, which means poleVenice is famous for its distinctive pali da ormeggio or mooring poles. In Venice, they are called palineSometimes they are candy-striped, while at other times they are combined in groups of three to create dolphins or bricole. There have been several articles in the Italian media that have reported on the city’s desire to replace the wooden poles with plastic ones. Let’s see the word used below:

Quando penso a Venezia, mi vengono in mente quei pali per gli ormeggi colorati, che escono fuori dall’acqua e assomigliano ai pali nei negozi dei barbieri. Spero che la città non sostituisca queste opere d’arte in legno con pali in plastica, come hanno detto i mezzi di comunicazione.

When I think about Venice, those colored mooring poles that jut out from the water and look like barber poles comes to mind. I hope the city does not substitute these wooden works of art with plastic poles as the media have reported.

[audio:|titles=il palo]