il merletto

Ciao a tutti! Sorry for the delay, but I have had final papers and exams to write and prepare for this week. This has kept me pretty busy so I thank you all for your patience as always.

Today’s Parola del Giorno meant for Friday (il venerdì) is the noun il merletto, which means lace. Did you know that Venice was an important center for lace production but also, because of its status as an important trading center, also for lace patterns, too? See the noun used below:

L’isola di Burano, nella laguna di Venezia, è famosa per la lavorazione del merletto. Sull’isola c’è anche un museo dedicato al merletto.

The island of Burano in the Venetian lagoon is famous for the production of lace. On the island there is also a museum dedicated to lace.

Venice, specifically Burano, is home to a lace museum! Burano is da vedere! The next time you are in the area, visit the museum – you can read more about it here.

[audio:|titles=il merletto]

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