il cornetto

Today, we are continuing our time in Naples! Today’s Parola del Giorno is something that you are bound to see as you walk around the streets of Naples: il cornettoIl cornetto (or il corno) is a horn shaped amulet that is said to ward off evil. An Italian would say that the cornetto is scaramantico (something that has the ability to ward off bad luck). However, you should think twice about buying it for yourself — in order for its powers to work, it must be given, never purchased (of course, this all depends on how superstitious you are). You can read more about the cornetto in Italian at NapoliToday! See our example below:

Un ottimo souvenir da Napoli è il famoso cornetto rosso portafortuna. È un simbolo della città, con il suo colore rosso vivo e la forma simile ad un peperoncino. Magari porta fortuna davvero!

An excellent souvenir from Naples is the famous red horn shaped amulet and good luck charm. It is a symbol of the city with its bright red color and shape resembling a chili pepper. Perhaps it really does bring good luck!

Language Note: Don’t forget that a cornetto in Italian is also a croissant, a popular breakfast treat enjoyed by many Italians in the morning (they are also popular after a night on the town and purchased still warm from the oven).

[audio:|titles=il cornetto]

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