Buon martedì a tutti! Today’s Parola del Giorno continues its pizza theme with the adjective farcito*, which, when referring to pizza, means topped (to refer to the toppings placed on the pizza). In America, we pretty much throw everything but the kitchen sink on top of our pizzas. In Italy, the best pizzerias put only the freshest and most appropriate ingredients on a pizza! Do you have a favorite? I tend to prefer simpler pizzas with fewer ingredients. My favorite is la Napoli or la pizza napoletana** with pomodoromozzarella, and acciughe. What’s yours?

Oggi, la pizza è diventata talmente popolare che c’è molta competizione fra le pizzerie. Ognuno cerca di attirare nuovi clienti con pizze farcite nel modo più originale e gustoso: salmone, fichi, ricotta, ananas sono solo alcuni degli ingredienti non convenzionali che oggi possiamo trovare sulle pizze di tutto il mondo.

Today pizza has become so popular that there is a lot of competition among the pizzerias. Each tries to attract new customers with pizzas topped in the most original and delicious way: salmon, figs, ricotta, pineapple are only some of the unconventional ingredients that today we can find on pizzas all over the world.

*Nota bene:
Farcito can also mean stuffed (such as olives, meat, etc.) or filled (when talking about pastries/sweets)

**Fun Fact:
In Rome, a pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and anchovies is called “la pizza napoletana” but in Naples, it is called “la pizza romana“!