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Today’s Parola del Giorno is the adjective digeribile, which means digestible. This might be a strange word to associate with pizza, but Italians will often talk about pizza as being ad alta digeribilità (or having a high digestibility). The secret, apparently, is in the rising of the pizza dough. This video from YouTube (don’t keep the volume up on your computer/device too high, at least the first few seconds due to the presenter’s enthusiastic greeting) is a good recipe you can try at home. The best pizza dough is always one that is light and won’t leave you feeling weighed down! See the adjective used below:

Quando la pizza non è cotta bene, l’impasto non è ben lavorato, o gli ingredienti non sono di qualità, c’è il rischio che questa non sia digeribile e ti faccia sentire appesantito.

When pizza is not cooked well, the dough has not been worked well, or the ingredients are not good quality, there is the risk that it might not be digestible and that it will make you feel weighed down.