Ciao a tutti! This week’s theme will focus on that ever present summer pest: the mosquito! In Italian, they are called le zanzare, and they are a common problem in Italy. While you probably will not notice them in most larger cities, places like Venice with their abundance of water are breeding grounds for the pests. Perhaps you are staying in a hotel, and the mosquitoes are creating a problem for you? You need to be able to communicate this to the staff, so hopefully these words will be useful!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb pizzicare, which means to bite when talking about insects. See the verb used below:

Amo l’estate ma, appena esco a fare qualcosa, le zanzare mi pizzicano ovunque: non sopporto il prurito che segue le punture.


I love the summer, but as soon as I go outside to do something, the mosquitoes bite me everywhere: I can’t stand the itching that comes after the bites.