Che Dio ce la mandi buona

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression Che Dio ce la mandi buona, which means Let’s hope for the best. According to popular legend, this expression came about when a peasant tried his hand at being a doctor. Unskilled in the art of medicine, he would randomly prescribe medicines for his patients and would extract different remedies from his pockets at random, exclaiming Che Dio ce la mandi buona. See the expression used below:

Finalmente il nostro progetto per il concorso scolastico è terminato. Abbiamo lavorato più di tutti gli altri e ci meritiamo di vincere. Che Dio ce la mandi buona!

Finally our project for the school competition is over. We worked more than all the others and deserve to win. Let’s hope for the best!