Il diavolo fa le pentole ma non i coperchi

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the Italian expression Il diavolo fa le pentole ma non i coperchi, which translates to Truth will out. This means that if you do something bad, it will be found out. The saying literally means The devil makes pots but not the lids. You might also think of it in this way: you can’t cover a boiling pot because the lid would never stay on, dancing on top of the pot as the steam and heat try to escape. Think of the heat and steam as the truth, which eventually find their way out! The devil will give you the means to do wrong, but he doesn’t help you cover up.

See the expression used below:

È proprio vero il detto “Il diavolo fa le pentole ma non i coperchi“: hai imbrogliato all’esame di matematica e adesso il professore se ne è accorto. Se ti boccia all’esame, potrai prendertela solo con te stesso!

The saying “Truth will out” is really true: you cheated on the math test, and now the professor has realized it! If he fails you, you have only yourself to blame.

[audio:|titles=Il diavolo fa le pentole ma non i coperchi]