Today’s Parola del Giorno is the imperative Vattene, which means Get out of here or Go away! It is from the pronominal verb andarsene. Whereas andare means to go, it does not convey the emotion and urgency of its pronominal counterpart andarsene. This imperative is quite strong so be careful how, when and with whom you use it. You will often hear people shout this in some of the train stations and along the street when they are pestered by strangers asking for money or being assailed by street vendors hawking their wares. Try to use it only as a last resort!

See the expression used below:

Non ti vogliamo più vedere, vattene! Da quando hai tradito nostra figlia qui non sei più il benvenuto!
We do not want to see you anymore, get out of here! Since you cheated on our daughter, you are no welcome here anymore!


Grammar Notes:
: Note the two t’s in vattene — with the verb andare, the consonant of the pronoun is doubled (this doesn’t happen with the pronoun gli when the pronouns attach themselves to the verb.
: Don’t forget the ne – it’s important for the meaning of the verb! Try not to get too hung up on what it means. 
: Remember that you can also use it in the plural – andatevene (for two or more people), and so on depending on the context.