Today’s Parola del Giorno is the imperative piantala, which means Stop it. It is often followed by the preposition di and the infinitive. It is synonymous with the imperative Smettila. Don’t forget the la un pronome indeterminato: it is an necessary part of the verb. Piantare literally means to plant something, but when used with the pronoun la takes on this alternate meaning. You can use piantarla (di + fare qualcosa) in other verb forms (don’t think that you can only use it as a command) to mean to stop (doing something):

Questo atteggiamento arrogante non va bene, Carlo, piantala! Sii più gentile e rispettoso con chi cerca di aiutarti!

This arrogant behavior is not good, Carlo, stop it! Be kinder and more respectful with people trying to help you!