gli auricolari

For the next five days we are going to focus on words that will help you describe mobile phones! With the recent release of the latest iPhone, we figured that these words might be useful, especially if you have plans to upgrade your phone!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the plural noun gli auricolari which means earbuds that sit inside the ear. Le cuffie or le cuffie esterne are the larger bulky headphones that cover the entire ear. The word le cuffiette is also sometimes used instead of gli auricolari to describe the smaller earbuds/earphones.

See the noun used below:

Con il mio telefono cellulare ci ascolto anche la musica: per questo, ieri ho comprato un paio di auricolari di ottima qualità, così posso sentire le mie canzoni preferite mentre cammino per strada.

With my mobile phone I also listen to music with it: because of this, I bought a pair of high quality earbuds yesterday so I can hear my favorite songs while walking along the street.


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