This week’s theme is going to focus on verbs and expressions related to using social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Social networks are very popular in Italy, and you can learn a lot of Italian by following various pages, people and personalities using both forms of social media.

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb twittare, which means to tweet. The verb cinguettare is also used at times to mean to tweet on Twitter (it also means to tweet, like the sound a bird makes). Public transport and public entities in Italy often use social networks, especially Twitter, to communicate problems with metro and train lines, changes to bus routes and more. I found it very useful while living in Rome. Check out our example below:

Hanno appena twittato che l’autostrada che dovremmo prendere per arrivare a Firenze è stata chiusa a causa di un incidente. Twitter può davvero essere utile per fornire e scambiare informazioni!

They just tweeted that the higyway that we should take to get to Florence has been closed due to an accident. Twitter can be really useful for providing and exchanging information!


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